Program Friday 25.05

Speaker Lectures


Jon Clark


Chile – Marketing Cherries to the world                                                                                          


David A. Geen


Canadian Cherries - The little guy in the big world


Fabián Guillén



Pre- and postharvest tools to maintain plum and sweet cherry quality for fresh market: eating quality and health-promoting properties



Monika Möhler


Quality Management in Sweet Cherries with systematic Irrigation Control


Pierre Rochepeau



The INRA / CEP INNOVATION Apricot Selections (with a focus on the ARAMIS® range of Plum Pox Virus resistant apricots)



Hubert Siegler


Results from testing of WeiGi-Cherryrootstocks


Jef Vercammen


Experiences with Cherry Rootstocks in Belgium (with focus on Gisela-Rootstocks)


Ronald Vermeulen


Producing Cherries in Chile


Matt D.Whiting



Research at the intersection of biology and technology: sweet cherry orchard systems of the future


A precision pollination system for sweet cherry yield security




Late Frost 2017 in Europe: Experiences and Control Strategies for the Future




Crop Protection in different cultures - chances and opportunities




New Sweet Cherry Varieties




Latest Developments in grading technology

Fruit Grower Reinhard Vöhringer in Berg


- Orchard Tour

- Protected Cultivation of Sweet Cherries and Apricots

- Protected Cultivation of High Quality Plums for Fresh Market

- Choice of Varieties and Rootstocks as well as discussion of cultivation aspects